Monday, 29 October 2012

New home

This is what my new home looks like in my dreams (by the very talented Lucy Sheeran). In reality it is need of much renovation and currently has an air of impending dereliction.

It was formerly a pub and offers lots of space inside and out. The commercial areas will include a 'Vintage Pink Shop' (formerly the snug) and my stock can be stored in the former front bar. There's also potential for a future tearooms. We have been working our socks off cleaning and clearing out skips full of 'rubbish' not much vintage salvage though I'm afraid :-(

We have had a wonderful chap helping with some of the major garden works - tearing seemingly miles of ivy off the garden wall and cutting the 3ft high grass!
There seems so much to do but every day we make progress. We have had a smart new gate installed (securing the rear of the property) and work has nearly completed on the leaky roof. 
I have begun planting an orchard, something I've always longed for. (Ok it's one solitary apple tree but it's progress!)

The weekends since we arrived have been perfect - dry enough for outdoors jobs and warm enough to sit outside for  'pub lunches' and draining the barrels of bitter and cider left behind (hic!). 

The children have unplugged themselves from PCs and gadgets and have been outdoors so much more and it's been a joy to see them so active playing and exploring our new space with Willow the whippet at their heels. 

This weekend we host a ‘bonfire night housewarming’. One local event is claiming to have the biggest bonfire in Derbyshire … I think we may be rivalling it!


All things nice... said...

Looks like a lovely property. Best of luck with it and looking forward to seeing your progress

All things nice...

delia hornbook said...

Ahh Willow is adorable and yes im sure there be madness and mayhem but many a fun moment :-) Loving your home its going to look beautiful when its completed i look forward to seeing its progress. dee x

little homebird said...

wow, looks amazing! Have you moved far from Hilton? I've often dreamed of a project but in reality I just wouldn't cope with the mess and upheaval. Good luck with it all :)

Pretty at Heart said...

It must be very exciting to have some many ideas that you know you can put in to reality! Hard work - but will be well worth it in the end. Can't wait to see the pics.

Clare said...

it looks like it will be fabulous, good luck with the adventure